HYLIFT - Undersink Sullage Pumps

HYLIFT Undersink Pump FittedWhen reliability is essential, the HYLIFT® undersink sullage pumps are the best commercial & Domestic pumping solution Australia wide. Compact and easy to install, these units come fully assembled and plug directly into a standard electrical outlet. Almost unlimited pump line routing, the HYLIFT® undersink pump system does not require pumplines to run on grade.

The heavy duty pump easily handles both domestic and commercial waste and has been selected for its high performance & extremely quiet operation.

Industry Leading Undersink Pump

Hylift 40 & 70 Undersink Pumps

  • Unique combined odour filter and anti-flood valve (no vent pipework required)
  • Pump lines do not need to be run on grade
  • Easily handles solids & fibrous materials
  • Flexible alarm panel locations
  • Safety Interlock kits (optional)
  • The most compact high performance unit available

Technical Data


Pump HYFLOW® Sumbersible HV32 HYFLOW® Commercial HD25
Maximum solids size 20mm 10mm
Maximum head 10 metres 7.2 metres
Built in carbon filter Standard Standard
Electrical supply Standard 10 amp GPO Standard 10 amp GPO
Audible high level alarm Standard Optional

Note: Contact our team for higher capacities.

Typical Applications

- Restaurants - Medical Surgeries
- Hotels  - Laboratories 
- Schools  - Domestic Extensions 
- Offices Amenities  - Renovations 
- Cleaners Sinks  - Kiosks 

Note: Anywhere gravity discharge is infeasible

Additional Options

HYLIFT® undersink sullage pumps have a range of standard and customisable options:

  • Water Supply, Dishwasher & Combined interlocks
  • Full 316 stainless steel construction for aggressive chemicals
  • Extreme high temperate resistance Interlock kits for large commercial washing machines
  • Interlock kits for multiple dishwashers
  • Increased performance for higher discharge heads and pumping distances

Interactive Brochure

Learn more about our HYLIFT Undersink Sullage Units in our interactive brochure

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