HYBOOST - Water Pressure Systems

HYBOOST - Triplex water pressure system

All Purpose Pumps is Australia's trusted and respected partner for constant water pressure boosting solutions. Providing Precision Engineered systems from a basic single pump set, to intelligent multi-pump systems, seamlessly delivering consistent water pressure in even the most critical and demanding installations.

If you are looking to boost mains water pressure, we have the system range and product knowledge to provide a cost effective and efficient solution.


Industry Leading Benefits

  • HYBOOST - Dual pump water booster systemMaintenance In Place (MIP) capabilities
  • Intuitive and user friendly touch screen control
  • Industry standard VSD's or DOL starting
  • Totally flexible design considerations
  • Pre Packaged
  • Factory Tested
  • Pressure, temperature or level set-point control
  • Engineered & Certified lifting lugs for easy installation and compliance on site

Touch Screen Control

Screen ImageThe All Purpose Pumps - Premium Water Booster Controller is one of the most versatile and intuitive units in the industry, your servicing and water pressure system reviews are now easier, with everything at your fingertips in one location.

The intuitive graphical colour touch screen is extremely smart yet so simple to use, it can be further customised to meet the exact requirements of your specification.

These units can also be connected to our Monitoring & Management system

Technical Data

Standard range - contact our team for higher capacities.

Number of Pumps 1-6
Flow range 0.5lps - 200lps
Boost pressure 50kpa - 2400kpa
Maximum operating pressure 16 / 24 / 40 bar
Liquid temperature 0 - 120ºC
Ambient temperature 0 - 50ºC

Typical Applications

  • High rise apartments and offices
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Hospitals and Age Care facilities
  • Industry Processes
  • Municipal Water Supply
  • Irrigation

Interactive Brochure

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