HYGEN - Backup Power Supply

Diesel Generator Back Up SystemBasement flooding causes costly and often avoidable damage to personal property, services, and to building foundations and structure.

Flooding can be avoided with All Purpose Pumps HYGEN® BackUp power supply systems which automatically switch from Mains Power to Back up Power supply in the event of a power failure.

The All Purpose Pumps HYGEN® back up power systems use only the world's best engineering for guaranteed back up when you need it most. Whether its flood protection or just power loss prevention the HYGEN® will have you covered.

Diesel Power Back Up Systems

The intelligent HYGEN® diesel generator constantly monitors mains power, automatically starting when the power fails and switching back when power is restored, the system will not start if no power is being demanded saving fuel. A strong powder coated steel construction, with a top quality European engine and alternator ensures both quality and reliability.

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Battery Power Back Up Systems

Battery Power Back Up SystemContinuously monitoring mains power supply with an automatic switch over in the event of power failure, and back once the power is reinstated.

The HYGEN® back up power battery systems come with a LED back lit interface for status indication, battery condition monitoring and load testing plus much more.

Controller and batteries contained in common floor mounted enclosure.

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Typical Applications

  • Essential Services
  • Commercial & Retail Buildings
  • Residential Homes
  • Stormwater & Sewage Pump Stations
  • Age Care & Medical Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Universities
  • Shopping Centres


In addition to the Monitoring & Management option shown in the components panel the HYGEN® Back Up Power supply systems can also come with the following: 

Battery Options 

Compatible with a range of battery types including Lead Acid (standard), Sealed and Gel

Battery Back Up Generator Batteries
Additional Battery Modules Extra modules can be added to increase the backup times for the batter backup power HYGEN®'s  Battery Back Up Generator Module Option
Fuel Tanks Heavy duty steel construction to increase the running time of the Diesel backup power HYGEN® generators  Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Option