Transducers and Float Switches

Float Switches

HYFLOW DFS level sensors are an integral part of any pump station and will alert the pumps to either start or stop according to their predetermined level settings.  

These heavy duty float switches have a long service life.


Pressure Transducer

Submersible pressure transducers use the hydrostatic pressure within the tank to accurately read the liquid level.  These sensors allow multiple control settings across the entire level range and provide accurate liquid level displays which can be indicated in percentage or units of measurement.  A key advantage of a pressure transducer is its ability to work in applications with higher grease and paper loadings as it is a static device.

At All Purpose Pumps we use pressure transducers when a mixer has been fitted into the pump station.


For more information or to understand which option would best suit your next system speak to one of our experienced team members.