Submersible Mixers

Submersible Mixer AgitatorHYFLOW Submersible mixers, also known as submersible agitators or pump station mixers, are an economical and reliable way to keep your pump stations clean and reduce blockages. HYFLOW Submersible mixers dramatically reduce maintenance requirements by eliminating surface encrustation and solids build up on the chamber floor. HYFLOW mixers also help to keep level sensors and other equipment free from fouling and help reduce odour problems.  They are designed to reduce the need for internal cleaning of a pump station which helps conform to the Worksafe standards, eliminating the need for entry into confined spaces.

Submersible Mixers / Agitators are a good alternative to chamber washers depending on your pump station application, contact our expert team today to find which will best suit your system.

Read our Submersible mixer case study or download the Submersible Mixer data sheet below.

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