Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Pump Remote Monitoring & Management

The All Purpose Pumps RMM connection allows you to remotely manage and control of your pumping system/s. Designed specifically to suit the range of Premium Controllers, it allows remote access & control with the inbuilt web-server. Access can be via a PC web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.) and from a smartphone or tablet with Apple and Android App's.

  • Display of the home screen providing a graphical and colour presentation of the system with an overview of core elements.
  • Pump controllability
  • Pump and system parameter adjustability
  • Full fault diagnostics
  • Service overview display


There are 4 options for the remote connection:

  1. Internet Connection (Wired)
  2. Internet Connection (Wi-Fi)
  3. Mobile Internet Connection (3G/4G Cellular)
  4. Mobile Internet Connection (3G/4G Cellular) + SMS Reporting

The RMM system can be added to either of our two premium range controllers: