Rains Mains Pump Controllers

The Rains Mains Controller is designed to provide a continuous supply of water for a multitude of applications. Whilst prioritising the use of recycled rain water with a single, the controller not only monitors the level of the rainwater storage tank, but reverts to mains water when low and includes a supply change over test button.

For the full range of specifications, dimensions and typical arrangements download the data sheet below

Vandal Pump Controller CoverThese controllers can also be fitted with our heavy duty Vandal Pump Controller Cover if they are located in a public access area.

Pump Control Panel OPTIONS 

Rains Mains Pump Controller with Tank Level Indication

Rains Mains Pump Controller with Filter Block Alert

Tank Level Indication

Filter Block Warning

Rains Mains Pump Controller Inner Door Option Rains Mains Pump Controller with Dual Pump Option

Internal Cover Monitor Panel Installation

Rains Mains & Dual Pumps Controller Combination