Access Covers and Safety Grates

Pump Station Safety GrateSafety Grates and Access Covers are essential to any sewer and storm water pump station.

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Access Covers

Pump Station Access CoverA full range of access Covers and Grates are supplied to satisfy light footpath to heavy load applications.

We typically supply two main types of covers, a gas tight cast iron cover for sewer and stormwater pump stations and a galvanised grated cover for applications accepting surface runoff water.

Safety Grates

Safety Grate looking into PitThe safety grate will provide sufficient fall protection in line with National Worksafe requirements.

APP Safety grates are designed for any below ground pump station or storage well.  It provides fall protection whilst allowing the owner / operator to carry out maintenance such as vacuum truck cleaning, hose cleaning and general maintenance.  

Patent Number: 2015101217