Charity Donations

At All Purpose Pumps, we believe in the importance of supporting local communities and Australian charities.

Over our 25 years of operation, All Purpose Pumps has supported the work of a variety of organisations who each undertake important work to support the Australian community, some of whom are listed below.

 Logo / Website  Organisation Cause 
Peter Mac Charity Logo Peter Mac Institute for Cancer Treatment
Royal Children's Hospital Charity Royal Children's Hospital Major Children's Hospital 
St Vincent's Hospital Charity St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne Hospital
Vision Australia Charity Vision Australia Charity for people with Blindness or Low Vision
Scope Victoria Charity Scope Victoria Charity for people with a Disability 
Heart Research Institute Charity Heart Research Institute Research Organisation for Heart Disease 
Heart Foundation Heart Foundation Charity for Heart Research 
Rapid Relief Team Charity Rapid Relief Team Charity that provides relief to people in need 
Australian Red Cross Charity Australian Red Cross Charity for people in need 
Arthritis Victoria Charity Arthritis Victoria Supporting people with Arthritis 
Melbourne City Mission Charity Melbourne City Mission Charity to help people from a disadvantage 
Ambulance Victoria Victoria's Ambulance Service 
Flying Doctor Victoria Flying Doctor Victoria Aero-medical and health across Australia 
Werribee Mercy Hospital Major hospital in Melbourne's west
Epworth HealthCare Victoria's largest not-for-profit private health care group.
  Australian Hardship Relief & Poverty Fund