Why is HYLIFT the World's Best Undersink Pump?

Specifiers and Installers are loving the versatility of Hylift Undersink Pumps. Why?

1. You do not need to run pump lines on grade - no fall is required.

That's right, you can pump uphill all the way to final discharge and through multiple bends, offering almost unlimited opportunity for the location of your amenities.

 2. Easily handles all types of food scraps, coffee beans and greasy waste.

If it fits down the sink waste grate, HYLIFT will pump it!

 3. Comes with a High Level Alarm and optional safety shut off devices.

With BMS alarm output provision for remote alarm and monitoring systems.

 4. 'Industry Best' carbon odour vent filter with integral anti-flood valve.

No need to run vent pipe work.

 5. Fully supported, with professional after care service plans available.

Currently in Australia.

Satisfied clients, including Architects, Engineers & Plumbers, are recommending HYLIFT. They prefer HYLIFT for commercial and industrial drainage requirements because:

 1. Stainless steel construction is ideal for kitchens and food prep areas.

 2. High temperature version has the ability to receive 98°C (almost boiling) waste and discharge it at 38°C.

For use in Asian wok kitchens or hot condensate applications receiving a continual flow of very hot discharge.

 3. Safety shut-off devices are available to avoid potential flooding.

Safety shut-off devices turn off dishwashers and/or isolate the amenity's water supply in the event of a power failure or high level alarm.

 4. Grease control dosing systems available.

To minimise maintenance requirements in those unusually tough, high grease load applications.

 5. Pumping heights of more than 10 meters or distances greater than 400 meters can be achieved.


"The HYLIFT system is easy to use, easy to install and there is no odour. We have never received a maintenance call for a HYLIFT system." David - SPI Plumbing.

"Toyota have over 60 HYLIFT units at our Manufacturing Plant in Altona - We've standardized on HYLIFT because they are the most reliable unit we've found and can pump up to our roof height of 12 meters. As you can imagine, flooding undersink pumps generate a safety issue and have the potential for further repercussions in a manufacturing environment. We have avoided these situations by installing HYLIFT." Tom - Toyota Plant Engineer.

Other Case Studies

HYLIFT 40 & 70 Undersink Sullage Pump Benefits HERE


  • Restaurants & cafés
  • Medical & dental surgeries
  • Schools & laboratories
  • Kiosks & pop-up food facilities.
  • Hairdressing salons.
  • Office fitouts.
  • Industrial services.


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