Weribee Equestrian Centre Pit Repair

Weribee Equestrian Centre Pit Repair


When a pump station with a history of maintenance issues suffered a catastrophic failure, All Purpose Pumps' On-road Service Technicians were called out to diagnose and service the site. The concrete pump station had been severely corroded by hydrogen sulphide, resulting in a severe case of 'concrete cancer' eroding the material away to the point where nothing could be fixed to it.

The corrosion had also allowed the pump station's auto-coupling pedestal fittings to become loose and, under the pressure of the pump-start torque, the pedestal and pump discharge pipe had been twisted and broken. This caused the pumps to operate in a 're-circulation' situation, resulting in pump motor burn outs and a sewer flood.


The existing pump station was covered by a 500mm thick concrete slab, which would need to be cut and removed, without damaging the existing valve chamber, to allow for the installation of a new All Purpose Pumps Engineered Fibreglass Pump Station. Once the replacement was in place, it would need to be re-covered by a concrete slab capable of withstanding heavy vehicle traffic, including trucks.

The facility would not have been able to cease operation during the repair and the public nature of the pump station's location made installation of the new pump station difficult, since the area would need to remain accessible to, and safe for, the public to be near.


In order to provide a solution with low operational costs and long life expectancy, it was important to overcome the root cause of the existing pump station's problems: corrosion. In order to prevent future damage to the pump station and its contents, a new Fibreglass (FRP) pump station was inserted into the old concrete pit just like a sleeve.

All Purpose Pumps' FRP pump stations are structurally engineered with smooth surfaces to prevent scum and grease build-up, and will withstand corrosion for at least 50 years. These stations provide more reliable and effective day-to-day operations, with less downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.


An All Purpose Pumps' Engineered Fibreglass Pump Station was inserted into the existing concrete pit like a sleeve, allowing for fast and easy installation with a minimum of disruption to the business or time spent with an 'open hole'. The pumps were replaced with a pair of pedestal-mounted 18.5kw heavy duty municipal pumps.

Fibreglass (FRP) Pump Stations are structurally-engineered to withstand conditions where other pit materials fail, including groundwater pressures, corrosion risks and internal material buildups. For more information on how All Purpose Pumps can provide your site with the reliability of an FRP pit, contact us today.