Water Pressure System Upgrade


A site in Melbourne's CBD had an old water pressure system that was not only technologically out-of-date, but also intermittently faulty. The complete system was obsolete and from a maintenance and operational perspective had become unreliable and expensive.


The existing system had been installed in a very tight space in the car park of the building. Two constricting elements affected the new design considerations: any new system design not only needed to fit into this space but also need to line up with the current pipework.. The changeover process would need to happen while the building was still in operation, requiring minimal to zero downtime if possible.


All Purpose Pumps provided a new quad pump water booster system with an easy-to-use HMI touch screen pump controller. The new system includes 4 smaller pumps (in comparison to 2 on the original system), which improves efficiency and provides redundancy. The installation was completed in only half a day. The All Purpose Pumps service team re-routed pipework to ensure one pump was always in operation, which ensured only a few minutes of downtime throughout the whole installation to minimise disturbance.


The old water pressure system ran on two 18.5kw pumps with no redundancy, which caused problems if there was a pump fault. The new system designed specifically for this building by All Purpose Pumps included four 5.5kw pumps. The new system provides the same duty as the old , but includes redundancy in case of a pump fault. Due to the smaller sized pumps the new system was also much more efficient, saving the client approximately $11,000 annually on their power bill.

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