Mixers & Macerators for Sewage & Stormwater Tanks

To assist in the agitation and breaking down of foreign objects in urban, commercial, industrial and water authority projects, All Purpose Pumps offer a range of HYFLOW Submersible Mixers and Macerators. Their sturdy design and construction makes them a reliable and effective addition to pump and pump stations for even the most demanding of applications.


The All Purpose Pumps range of HYFLOW Submersible Mixers are a reliable and economical method of ensuring constant movement of stored solids and liquids, eliminating surface encrustation and build ups of solids on the chamber floor.

The use of a HYFLOW Submersible Mixer helps to keep level sensors and other equipment free from fouling and can help reduce odour problems as they are designed to reduce internal cleaning requirements. HYFLOW Submersible Mixers also assist in meeting WorkSafe requirements by removing the need for confined space entry to facilitate pump station cleaning.

Constructed from heavy duty cast iron, with a 176mm diameter impeller, mounting clamp and adjustable angle positioning, All Purpose Pumps HYFLOW Submersible Mixers are engineered to withstand the harshest of pump station conditions.


Perfect for sewage applications where foreign solids are common, the All Purpose Pumps range of Macerators provides a range of cutter types and thicknesses to stop foreign objects from causing system blockages.


With both dry and submersible options available, the All Purpose Pumps Macerator range consists of Chromium Molybdenum steel cutters with crush, chop & shear macerating methods, optimised for self-cleaning and the cutting of fibrous materials.

Assisting Your Systems.

In situations where foreign objects are common, All Purpose Pumps recommends the use of a HYFLOW Submersible Mixer or Macerator to assist with the breaking down of solids and prevention of settlement and encrustation.

Prevention of these issues prolongs the lifespan of pump systems and helps to prevent catastrophic and costly blockages and failures, reducing overall maintenance and operational costs. To talk to a member of the All Purpose Pumps sales team about how HYFLOW Submersible Mixers and Macerators can keep your system operating effectively, fill out a Contact Form or call (03) 8368 0000