Submersible Mixers - Agitators and their benefits

Submersible Mixers - Agitators and their benefits

Submersible AgitatorA clogged, sludge filled pump station can be extremely costly to run, causing intermittent failures and ongoing maintenance expenses. A Submersible mixer / agitator will increase the reliability, reduce the failures and greatly reduce the lifecycle costs of your pumping station.

Submersible Mixers / Agitators operate in conjunction with the pumps to turbulate the waste water, bringing any solids and encrustation in the pit into suspension ready for the pump out.

These mixers are successfully operational in many pump stations throughout Australia, saving the owners large servicing costs and eliminating failures.  Have a look at three pump station before and after examples below:

1. Fuel Service Centre - Sewage Pump Station

Fuel Service Centre - Sewage Pumping Station


2. Shopping Centre - Grease Trap Pumping Station

Shopping Centre - Grease Trap Pump Station


3. Aged Care Facilitiy - Sewage Pump Station

Aged Care Facilitiy - Sewage Pumping Station


Submersible Mixer

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