Sewer Pump Station Upgrade

Sewer Pump Station Upgrade


The original system was almost 20 years old and had rarely received maintenance or servicing. Due to the sewage pump station system's location near to the beach, and the lack of an effective periodical pump servicing schedule, many of the system components needed to be replaced:

  • Both the grinder pumps' mechanisms were in a bad condition
  • Both pumps also had damage to the motor windings
  • The dual pump controller was old and unreliable
  • Pipe work, valves and guide rails were all badly corroded from seawater 

Due to the structural integrity and engineering of fibreglass pits, even after 20 years this pit was still in sound condition. All Purpose Pumps saw that this could be re-used, to save a large amount of money on the pump station upgrade.


The site is a council owned toilet block on the beach, over 2 hours from the APP head office. The pump station upgrade needed urgent attention before Christmas, with a final completion date no later than the Christmas holidays. The pit size was also very small for the site, requiring the service team to consider many solutions on a size vs. performance basis.


An All Purpose Pumps technician removed the existing equipment and carried out the new installation just 2 days after the client placed the order. A vacuum truck also had to be onsite to clean the pump station, and a confined space certificate was required to enter the pump station once it was clean. All Purpose Pumps completed the following pump station upgrades:

The new pump station system was then reset for programmed level set points. System start checks, operational procedures, and a full commissioning report were also completed


The new system was ordered on the 9th November, and the job was completed on the 11th November - only 2 days' turnaround. All Purpose Pumps upgraded the pump system with minimal disruption to the area and only a few hours of downtime to the public facilities.