APP Service Team Rescue a failing pump station

APP Service Team Rescue a failing pump station


This commercial site had a Sewer Pump station with only a single pump and no control system. The system was both inadequate and incorrectly set up resulting in ongoing disruption to the office amenities it serves. This system was a health risk, a Worksafe nightmare and an environmental concern.

The only way to access the pump for inspection was to make a confined space entry into the pump pit. The cables had also been installed poorly, being run through the ventilation pipework with no proper protection.


The biggest challenge with this upgrade was due to the site being in constant use. Isolating the amenities or preventing the use of them whilst conducting the pump station repair and upgrade was not an option - we were working on a "live system". Another key consideration for the upgrade was the requirement of the new dual pump controller and the fact that this controller would be located in an area that is accessible to the general public.

The day the service team arranged for the pump upgrade was pouring rain with minor flooding in the area, adding another challenging element.


The All Purpose Pumps Service Team provided a full pump station upgrade, having dual HYFLOW heavy duty sewer grinder pumps for maximum reliability, a sliding guide-rail and auto-coupling system was installed allowing easy access to both pumps and system control without the need for confined space entry in future. The dual pump controller is fitted inside a galvanised stainless steel lockable weather resistant enclosure and a custom stainless steel light protector for vandal protection. All the cables are now safely run through an approved steel flex conduit to prevent damage and protect lives.


The system was upgraded efficiently and effectively with minimal interruption to both the surrounding area and the office building. It now has dual guide rail mounted pumps wired to a dual alternating pump controller and a competent pump station fit-out ensuring chances of future flooding or malfunction is now very low.

Customer Feedback:

"Hi Darcy, Impressed you were able to do it in those conditions. Thank you for your prompt action. Regards Andrew."