Residential Elevator Shaft Water Leak Solution

Residential Elevator Shaft Water Leak Solution


A high-rise residential building in Southbank was experiencing recurring water leaks into their elevator shaft. The water had been pooling in the bottom of the shaft and causing electrical shorts, regularly preventing the elevators from being used and causing significant disruptions to residents.


As the water leak was present inside the elevator shaft, there were significant access restrictions to any work being done. Temporary pumps were not able to be installed, so APP and lift service personnel were required to attend the building each day while work was carried out to pump the gathering water away. Time was also a critical factor, as the building was not able to be vacated to accommodate the repair works.


All Purpose Pumps provided a new Lift Well Sump Pump Package, a Self Priming Pumping Station with externally mounted pump and control system, for installation. New pipework was connected through the external wall of the elevator shaft to allow for water drainage and the installation of water level control equipment. Fire collars were installed on the new pipes to ensure Building Safety Code compliance.


Installation of the new Pump Station on the elevator shaft's external walls allows for easier access to the pump and its control mechanisms, eliminating the cost and hassle of accessing the shaft for future pump servicing.

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