Re-Engineered Horizontal FRP Tanks

At All Purpose Pumps, we are always looking for ways to improve both our service and our products to ensure we are supplying our customers with the right products, in the right timeframe, for their project.

In keeping with this commitment, the All Purpose Pumps R&D Team undertook a re-engineering of our Horizontal FRP Tanks, improving product quality and supply capability.

Part of the Complete FRP Tank Range

As with the entire range of All Purpose Pumps FRP Tanks, the newly redeveloped Horizontal FRP Tanks are structurally engineered to withstand all ground conditions as a single piece with no joints or sealants, eliminating the risk of ground water access and contamination.

The smooth internal walls of the Horizontal FRP Tanks resist scum and fat build-up, helping to reduce maintenance and servicing costs throughout the product's lifecycle.

Requiring a pit no deeper than 3m, the newly re-engineered All Purpose Pumps Horizontal FRP Tanks are ideal for underground applications of up to 45,000L where deeper excavations may not be possible.

Re-Engineered for Easier Supply and Installation

Working closely with Sales staff and customers, the All Purpose Pumps R&D Team implemented new design features to address common installation and transport issues and developed a set of standardised sizes to streamline production and fulfilment.

Available in four standard sizes (20, 27, 32 & 45,000L) and with custom sizing available on request, the re-engineered All Purpose Pumps Horizontal FRP Tanks feature four integral feet for stabilisation during transport and installation.

Top connection points at both ends of the tanks provide flexibility during field connections and easily adjustable risers can extend from 610 to 1900mm (1200mm max where groundwater present) to allow for easy inspection of the tanks once installed.

As part of our complete FRP Tank range, the newly re-engineered All Purpose Pumps Horizontal FRP Tanks are suitable for stormwater, wastewater and sewage applications and will not invert, collapse or corrode for the lifetime of the product.

The re-engineering has also allowed for greater standardisation of production and technical support, allowing for more accurate fulfilment forecasting on all Horizontal FRP Tank orders and a much greater degree of after sales support, once the Tanks are delivered and installed.

A Wide Range of Additional Features Available

To further improve their adaptability, the newly re-engineered All Purpose Pumps Horizontal FRP Tanks are compatible with all standard FRP Tank accessories, including Covers and Grates (Class A/B/D), float switches, anchor kits for installation in high groundwater conditions, and many others.

Get more information on the re-engineered All Purpose Pumps Horizontal FRP Tanks and find out if they are the right product for your project by filling out a Contact Form or Calling (03) 8368 0000

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