Rainwater Storage for Boutique Apartment Building

Rainwater Storage for Boutique Apartment Building

Photo courtesy of Orchard Piper

Currently under construction in Toorak, Mathoura Rd is a three story, ten residence boutique apartment building designed by local architect Stephen Jolson. All Purpose Pumps were approached by the Plumbing Contractor to provide a rainwater storage solution and a stormwater drainage pump station that satisfied the design specification.

As Toorak is a highly developed suburb, disruption to surrounding residents and businesses needed to be taken into account. The single piece 'one-lift' All Purpose Pumps FRP Storage Tank facilitated a fast and simple installation with minimum 'excavation open' time and no costly crane hire requirement.


A Customised Solution for a Unique Building

The specification intention was to minimise the size of the basement Stormwater Drainage Pump Station by eliminating Rainwater Storage overflow into the Pump Station. This was achieved with the specification requiring a 'Pressurised' Rainwater Storage Tank plumbed independently of the Stormwater Pump Station.

Drainage pipework in a 'Pressurised' Rainwater Storage Tank system surcharges to a point of gravity overflow above the top of the Tank. In this installation, the gravity overflow is 6m (60kpa) above the top of the tank and the tank is engineered to withstand 70kpa of internal pressure.


A basement Stormwater Drainage Pump Station has also been installed to discharge agi-drainage and driveway ramp runoff. The pressurised rainwater collection tank has a manually controlled Service Valve that is plumbed to the Stormwater Pump Station to allow the surcharge in the drainage pipe work to be drained to a point that 'De-Pressurises' the Tank and facilitates access for servicing or cleaning.

Quick and Easy Delivery and Installation

A 25,000L All Purpose Pumps Horizontal Fibreglass (FRP) 'Pressurised' Rainwater Storage Tank was transported into position and installed using a relatively small 20-tonne excavator. This eliminated additional crane coordination and additional disruption to traffic and surrounding neighbours.

Once in place, the storage tank would be sealed with a bolted and sealed pressurised cover and a cast iron access cover positioned in the basement slab above.


All Purpose Pumps Fibreglass (FRP) Sewage and Stormwater Pump Stations are structurally engineered to be durable and adaptable, with a wide variety of available sizes and configurations, and to provide reliable operation for their entire lifecycle. Their lightweight construction is easy to install, but is strong enough to be suitable to all ground conditions without risk of inversion or breakage.

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