Rainwater Re-Use Problems at the University of Melbourne

After experiencing continuous performance issues in one of their Rainwater Re-Use Systems, the University of Melbourne contacted the All Purpose Pumps Service Team to propose a solution. With limited space and plinth size available, the All Purpose Pumps team needed to be conscious of size constraints when determining the best way of ensuring reliable delivery of recycled water for the site.

A Pump Out of its Depth

The site's existing Rainwater Re-Use System had been frequently overheating and automatically shutting down after long run times, rendering the system inadequate for the irrigation demands of the University.

The All Purpose Pumps On-Road Service Technicians determined that the pumps in use, best suited to domestic installations, were simply not powerful enough to handle the demands of a busy University campus location.

Additionally, a turbine-type water meter had been plumbed into the inlet pipe work, restricting water flow to the pump and causing additional strain to the already over-worked system, and the mains water backup had been plumbed directly into the rainwater tank, causing the pump to run regardless of rainwater availability.

A Complete Solution in a Tidy Little Package

The All Purpose Pumps Service Team recommended the installation of a complete packaged Rainwater Re-Use System mounted on a galvanised steel mounting base to replace the overworked existing system.

The turbine-type water meter was moved to the discharge pipework, removing the existing system's suction restrictions, lowering potential pump strain.

With the new system's HYFLOW Commercial horizontal multistage pump, better suited to commercial applications and continuous operation, and a high volume 80 litre pressure tank to reduce pump cycling, the University could be certain that their rainwater recycling would be more reliable and efficient in the future.

Keeping Everything, and Everyone, Safe and Healthy

The All Purpose Pumps Service Team also recognised that, as the recycled water was highly likely to come into contact with the public, the addition of filtration and UV disinfection systems was necessary. 2 Stage filtration (down to 5 microns) and UV filtration systems were included in the replacement system to ensure the safety of the recycled rainwater.

Finally, an Anti-tamper, weather-proof, cover was installed to provide the new system a compact and aesthetically pleasing image and provide protection to the pump system from external damage risks.

With the new Rainwater Re-Use system installed and functioning, the University of Melbourne can rest assured that their recycled water irrigation will be functioning at peak efficiency. Talk to the All Purpose Pumps Service Team about your troublesome pumps by filling out a contact form or calling (03) 8368 0000