Rainwater Re-Use System at Frankston Yacht Club

Rainwater Re-Use System at Frankston Yacht Club


The $7.5m Frankston Yacht Club redevelopment required a rainwater re-use system. This new system had to cater for the size of the redevelopment and also withstand the harsh seaside location. The facility includes an underground 15,000l rainwater re-use tank and 10 bathroom locations requiring water, the rainwater re-use system designed included dual heavy duty pumps to handle the required flow and multiple HYCLEAN Water Purification options to ensure the purity of the re-used water.


The rainwater system's location, both in direct view of the ocean and close to the beach, required a number of site-specific customisations to survive the harsh conditions. The All Purpose Pumps team had to custom-build a stainless steel base and enclosure to ensure corrosion resistance from the salt and sand. In addition, the system also had to be customised to include a dual rainwater premium pump controller, two UV sterilisation units, and extended cables.


All Purpose Pumps created a unique all-encompassing rainwater re-use system in stainless steel within the normal dimensions of our larger size of rainwater systems. This tailored system has many additional and upgraded features to cater exactly to the Frankston Yacht Club's requirements as well as the site conditions. These included a premium VSD dual pump controller with BMS output capabilities.

All Purpose Pumps worked tirelessly with the plumber, hydraulics consultant and the builder with the site and technical considerations until the optimum solution was found.


After many revisions and changes to the rainwater re-use system to ensure a perfect solution was provided, the system was built, transported and commissioned by All Purpose Pumps' on-road service technicians within a 2 week period.

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