Pump Station Safety Grate Video

Pump Station Safety Grate Video

The All Purpose Pumps - Pump Station Safety Grates have many key features and benefits for improving the safety of a pump station site after installation.  Watch the video below for more information.

More information about the safety grates as well as a downloadable brochure can be found here, or about pump stations here.

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Welcome to the All Purpose Pumps pump station safety grate video.

These safety grates are designed and manufactured by All Purpose Pumps and have also recently been innovation patented.

Pump station safety grates are required to comply with Worksafe obligations.

Those of us who are responsible for pump station design, such as the specifier, the suppliers or manufacturers and the installing contractor, need to be fully aware of these requirements. Safety grates are recommended in all pump stations having a depth of 1.5 metres or more.

When the pump station access covers are removed for inspection or servicing, you are faced with an unsafe situation. Lives have been lost by accidently falling into these dangerous and confined spaces. The All Purpose Pumps safety grate is a fall prevention mechanism, located below the gas tight or grated finish access cover.

The key functional benefits of these safety grates, is that the pump station can be inspected, and normal maintenance can be performed without the risk of falling into the confined space. Pump station operation can be monitored, level sensors can be checked and a full hose down or suction clean can be completed in a safe and secure situation.

If a pump does need to be removed, the hinged grate is simply lifted to allow full access. The grate locks into place without any pins or bars holding the grate. This ensures the grate cannot fall onto or harm the technician. Following the pump removal, the grate is then simple returned to the safe and closed position. See how quick and easy it is to interchange between the open and closed positions.

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