Pump Station Controller Vandal Covers


The Altona Green Pavilion was having a re-occurring problem with vandalism of its pump controllers due to their location in an open public area above their pump station.


With no other plausible location for the pump controller to go, Altona Green Pavilion asked All Purpose Pumps to come up with a solution that was both practical and cost effective.


All Purpose Pumps have a range of Vandal Pump Controller Cover constructed from 3mm thick galvanised steel that is built to last, secure and aesthetically pleasing. They come with a hinged access door, Pad-Bolt ready for a heavy duty pad lock and are designed to be wall mounted over a pump control enclosure. More information on our pump controllers and vandal covers can be found here.


Since installing the Dual Pump Control Vandal Cover the Altona Green Pavilion has not experienced a single problem with vandals sabotaging their pump station or controls. The vandal cover works as a visual deterrent as well, they are built from galvanised steel for maximum lifespan.

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