Preventative Pump Servicing and Maintenance

  • Tuesday 5th July 2016, 12:00am
Preventative Pump Servicing and Maintenance


All Purpose Pumps service technicians are regularly called in to repair pumps which have stopped working, or are working below expectations, due to a lack of maintenance. Faults are commonly caused by pumps burning out, build-ups of fat and grease, blockages in the pipework, pump or pit, and a variety of other preventable issues.

These faults often result in flooding or a lack of water supply and can cause damage to other plant and equipment on site, or even to road ways and other nearby infrastructure. Poorly maintained control panels and other electrical systems are also a fire risk with the potential to cause significant property and equipment damage.


When attending sites that have experienced flooding or other catastrophic failures, it can often be difficult to gain access to the pumps and other equipment until those situations are resolved. This can lead to lengthy pumping procedures, especially when the site doesn't have emergency procedures in place.


Most pump faults can be prevented through regular servicing. By ensuring that your pumping system is examined, cleaned, and upgraded on a regular basis, you can prevent most catastrophic faults from occurring and save yourself from emergency response call-outs.

Additional safety systems are also available for use with all types of pump systems, from tank full diversion systems to controllers with remote monitoring and backup power generators. By installing and maintaining safety components to your pump system, you can prevent some common pump faults.

All Purpose Pumps' Service Department provides a variety of maintenance services, including pump servicing, repairs and cleaning, remote monitoring and emergency responses, including after hours and during holiday periods.

For more information on what maintenance services All Purpose Pumps can provide, contact us or call 03 8368 0000 to speak with our experienced and knowledgeable Service Department.