Replacing Melbourne University’s Tradewaste System

When the University of Melbourne began experiencing repeated problems with their Main Effluent Pump Station and Tradewaste systems, the All Purpose Pumps On-Road Service Team were called in to recommend a solution.

A Need for a Quick and Easy Solution

The existing system was plagued with constant blockages, which triggered high level alarms, and the system's pH correction, disinfection and discharge monitoring systems had ceased to function.

In addition to the corrosive nature of the effluent being treated and discharged, any recommendations made by the All Purpose Pumps Service Team would need to be immediate and not require downtime as the system was live and in continual use.

Easy Installation with a Minimum of Hassle

A combined Sewage Pump Station and Water Treatment System was engineered and delivered, the lightweight Fibreglass (FRP) pit allowing for the new system to be installed and commissioned quickly, with a minimum of disruption to the University's disposal services.

A new Controller Unit was installed to monitor and operate new pH correction, disinfection and outflow monitoring systems and the Corrosion-resistant FRP and 316 Stainless Steel equipment will ensure long-lasting reliability and cost-effectiveness for the University.

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