Maintaining Water Levels at the Springvale Botanic Cemetery

Protecting Wetlands in Melbourne's South East

Located in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs, the 169 hectare Springvale Botanic Cemetery contains extensive gardens and parklands, including approximately 30,000 roses of 300 different varieties and an estimated 400 year old Red Gum.

The All Purpose Pumps Service Team recently attended a call-out to the Springvale Botanic Cemetery, where a solution was required to ensure the water level of the site's wetlands during summer periods of high heat and low rainfall.

Ensuring a Solution in an Isolated Location

The Cemetery's operators, the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT), required that the solution and installation process cause minimal disruption to the landscape. This posed a challenge since, although a nearby dam could be utilised as a water source, the nearest power source was 500m away.

Due to the remote nature of the location, the possibilities of vandalism and limited service access were also to be considered by the All Purpose Pumps Service Team when proposing a solution.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

In order to ensure efficient and reliable pump operation, the All Purpose Pumps Service Team recommended the use of a JCM80 Solar Pump be installed at the site. The JCM80's solar panels provide a robust and energy efficient solution for a situation where power is not readily available.

Suction and Discharge lines were installed from the nearby dam and into the wetlands area to allow for the transfer of water. A Chain Trencher was used to excavate where needed, as it caused a much smaller impact to the surrounding environment than an Excavator.

A level float was installed in the dam to monitor water levels and ensure that the new pump system would not run when the dam level was too low, potentially causing damage to the pump.

Finally, to prevent vandalism to the essential pump systems, the pump was fitted with an All Purpose Pumps Small Weather Enclosure, a lockable weather-proof cover which provides full hinged access to the system.

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