Intercepting Trade Waste at Alba Cheese

The All Purpose Pumps Sales Team were contacted to assist with the design and installation of a combined Grease Interceptor Trap (GIT) pump station for the expansion of an existing cheese factory in Tullamarine. In order to satisfy water authority regulations, all waste water from this facility is intercepted for the removal of fats and solids before it enters the sewerage system. All Purpose Pumps needed to consider the nature and volume of waste discharged, as well as the depth of the drain pipe in the design and selection of this system.

 Unique challenges of this project:

  • Incoming drainage pipe located 1800mm deep- the GIT capacity needs to be below this drain depth.
  • The unstable ground condition and the drain depth required our design to include additional bracing on the GIT walls, this enabled a quick and easy backfill using crushed rock, eliminating the need for concrete and additional shoring.
  • Being a cheese processing facility, the nature of waste discharged, having a high amount of fats, influenced the capacity selection.

The Final Selection:

Following are details of the Combined GIT & Pump Station selected for this installation:

  • 2000L GIT capacity.
  • 2.8m deep twin wall reinforced structural polyethylene chamber.
  • 2x HYFLOW HV50.075 pumps with dual alternating pump controller.

How the system works:

  • The chamber is fabricated using a high strength light weight twin wall reinforced structural polyethylene material.
  • The waste water enters the system. Internal baffles guide the flow along a set path in which solids drop out and settle at the bottom and grease/oils float the top. The cleaner water flows into the pump chamber.
  • The HYFLOW Vortex pumps located in the pump chamber are utilised as gravity connection to the sewer was not achievable.
  • The GIT and Pump chambers have separate access openings to enable pump servicing separate to removal of solid and fats from the GIT.


Customer Testimonial:

"I am extremely happy with the service provided by APP. The team delivered on-time and the system was easy to install - thanks Cameron for the site visit!" -Eddie Director at A-Plus Plumbing and Gas Fitting.

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