HYSAVE Rainwater Re-Use Systems

HYSAVE Rainwater Re-Use Systems

From swimming pools to shopping centres, from a single pump to a complete Pressure, Filtration and Disinfection Plant, the All Purpose Pumps HYSAVE Rainwater Re-Use System Range is optimised for use in a broad range of locations and purposes.

With the backing of over 28 years of industry experience and after sales support, All Purpose Pumps HYSAVE Rainwater Re-Use Systems are a trusted and effective Rainwater Re-Use solution.

The HYSAVE System

All Purpose Pumps HYSAVE Rainwater Re-Use Systems are available in a variety of adaptable configurations, designed to suit any project's requirements.

From the simplest to the most complex system, the standard features of the All Purpose Pumps HYSAVE Rainwater Re-Use System Range are:

  • High-Efficiency Multistage Pumps: Optimised for peak performance, quiet operation and accessible for Maintenance In Place (MIP) servicing
  • Controls: Complete system management and monitoring with automatic selection of mains and re-use supply water via included level
  • Backflow Protection: Dual check, double check and reduced pressure zone backflow prevention devices available
  • Mains Water Valve: Heavy duty brass and stainless solenoid type with pilot operated diaphragm type available for larger systems
  • Pipe Work: Plumbed in PVC, Stainless Steel or Copper as required, with all necessary isolation valves, bypass pipework and disconnection points for full serviceability
  • UV Sterilisation: For protection against harmful microbial organisms
  • Filtration: Automatic screen filtration with secondary polishing filtration to 1 micron
  • Skid Mounted: Systems are supplied fully assembled and tested for easy installation below ground, floor-mounted or wall-mounted

System Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available to ensure All Purpose Pumps HYSAVE Rainwater Re-Use Systems fulfil the requirements of each project, including:

Protecting the Pump

Using installed pressure sensors and levels, All Purpose Pumps HYSAVE Rainwater Re-Use Systems are designed to only operate when rainwater is available. Back-up mechanisms are also installed to provide Mains Water in the event of pump or system failures or the activation of the storage tank's low-level float switch. This ensures that water supply is not cut off while ensuring the long life and effectiveness of the installed pumps.

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