HYLIFT 40 and 70 Undersink Sullage Pump Benefits


A service call we attended for a client with an existing plastic Undersink pump unit that was continually failing, causing blockages, constant floods, bad odour and worst of all angry staff.

Note: in the images below the sink plunger and large quantities of hand towel underneath the sink due to the constantly re-occurring blockages and floods.

The office needed a reliable, well-constructed undersink sullage pump with great odour control.

Site Specific Challenges

An immediate solution was required due to the flooding of the current unit


The solution was simple, the HYLIFT 70 Undersink Sullage Pump was selected and quickly installed. Quality construction, a heavy duty submersible pump and fantastic odour control reinstalled confidence in the staff.

Precision Engineered Proof

Since installation of the Hylift Undersink Sullage Pump over 18 months ago, our client has never experienced another flood, along with no more odours and happy office staff.

Pre HYLIFT 70 installation

Pre HYLIFT Undersink Sullage Pump installation

HYLIFT 70 Undersink Sullage Pump installed

Hylift 70 Undersink Sullage Pump Insatlled