HYGEN - Backup Power Diesel Generator Case Study

HYGEN - Backup Power Diesel Generator Case Study


The St.Michaels Grammar School in St. Kilda has two large underground car parks, attached to these car parks are classrooms which are used on a day to day basis and contain expensive equipment.

In the past the school has experienced the inconvenience and expense of these areas flooding during storms due to loss of mains power and high rainfall.  The power outage means the stormwater pumps do not run, allowing the pump station to overfill and eventually flood.  The flooding has caused damage to the classrooms and equipment, taking them out of action and disrupting classes for lengthy periods.


The two HYGEN diesel generators needed to be retrofitted to the existing stormwater pump stations, ensuring the transition between mains power and emergency power was still operating the pump stations correctly. It was important to also ensure the 'demand run' feature only turned the pumps on when required, guaranteeing unnecessary generator start-ups and ensuring the diesel fuel was being used efficiently, minimising costs for the school.


Two HYGEN diesel generators where installed at the site, supplying backup power to two separate stormwater pump stations. These systems eliminate the risk of any future flooding to the school classrooms or carpark areas by providing mains power backup in the event of the school losing mains power supply.


A testimonial from the person in charge of the project at St.Michaels Grammar School.

"Our goal was to resolve this re-occurring issue. We engaged All Purpose Pumps.

We were impressed with their experience in this field, they met our expectations including prompt professional advice and a solution to our problem.

The installation was done in a quick professional manner with minimal disruptions.

My thanks to All at All Purpose Pumps for their Professional service."

For more information on both the HYGEN Diesel & battery backup systems please contact our experience team