HYFLOW Submersible Pumps

HYFLOW Submersible Pumps

HYFLOW Submersible Pumps from All Purpose Pumps are a versatile range of high quality pumps for all wastewater, sewage, stormwater and other water pumping solutions. HYFLOW pumps are the product of over 40 years of manufacturing and development expertise and have an established reputation for reliability and efficiency, backed by a range of international quality and safety certifications.

HYFLOW Submersible Pumps are suited for a variety of uses, from basement and cellar drainage, to movement of storm, waste and sewage water and even includes stainless steel pumps for use with corrosives.


To ensure long operational lifespans and continued efficiency, HYFLOW Submersible Pumps are engineered with a variety of features designed to keep each pump running better for longer:

  • Moulded Cable Bases: Each core within the cable is partially stripped and epoxy resin is encased around it. An additional grommet is added, along with O-ring seals. These combine to offer the best protection against water entering via the cable's pathway.
  • Heavy Rigid Shafts: With a focus on strength and rigidity, the shafts found in HYFLOW Submersible Pumps are designed to reduce vibration, increase efficiency, and prolong seal and bearing life.
  • Heavy Duty Bearings: Ball bearings (double rows in some models) that are greased for life maximise durability and extend product lifespan.
  • Triplex Seal Systems: A protective seal lip works in conjunction with a double mechanical seal in a large capacity oil chamber. Consistent seal lubricant in ensured by anti-swirl vanes.


To ensure suitability for a range of pumping needs, HYFLOW Submersible Pumps offer a wide range or pump types, including:

HD HYFLOW Submersible Drainage Pumps can be used to keep basements dry, car parks drained and industrial facilities in production. Suitable for both storm and waste water, HD pumps are available in multiple sizes to suit most applications.

HV and HVL HYFLOW Submersible Vortex Pumps are designed to deal with storm, waste and sewage water containing debris. This pump range is able to handle solids from 25mm to 76mm.

For corrosive and aggressive liquids, HVS and HCS HYFLOW Submersible Stainless Steel Pumps have been specially designed for maximum durability and effectiveness. For liquids with solids in suspension, HVS Vortex pumps are ideal, while the HCS Cutter/Channel pumps are intended for pumping liquids containing soft solids.


HYFLOW Submersible Pumps are suited to a wide range of applications and provide reliable and durable service over their entire lifespan.

For more information on HYFLOW Submersible Pumps, including downloadable data sheets, visit our HYFLOW Submersible Pumps page. To talk to one of our Sales Team about how a HYFLOW Submersible Pump can meet your requirements, call (03) 8368 0000 or Request a Quote with our easy webform.