Hot Water Circulator System Upgrade

Hot Water Circulator System Upgrade


The hot water circulating system at this large apartment block was failing to provide hot water when required, causing obvious issues for the tenants. After a full system diagnostic was taken a few major problems were identified:

  • The dual pump control panel had an intermittent fault and could no longer function consistently
  • Pump 1 had completely failed
  • Due to the dual pump controller issue, both pumps had undergone continual start / stopping, or cycling, which drastically reduces the life of a pump
  • One of the UV sterilization lamps had failed
  • The quartz sleeves on the UV lamps was heavily tainted with a brown material


One of the key challenges with this system was its placement, on top of the apartment block roof which was only accessible through a small hatch. The pumps and quartz sleeves on this job required an expedited sourcing and manufacturing process to provide a solution as quick as possible for our client. The final challenge came with the apartment block being continually in use, works had to be carried out in the middle of the day with only one side of the system being shut down at a time, ensuring that residents were still able to utilise the hot water system if necessary.


To ensure the system was returned to good working order we recommended replacing the following components:

This would return the system back to reliable operation and performance.


The pump system maintenance was carried out with minimal disruption to the tenants of the building and all within one working day.

Client Feedback

"Thanks for getting straight into you realise too Hot Water delivery is always a Customer/Tenant concern".  Alistair