Fixing a Water Pressure Problem at Bank Apartments

Image courtesy of ABC Consultants

Located in Southbank, The Bank Apartments contains 360 apartments over 41 levels including a ground floor retail area. The building's water booster had been experiencing ongoing pressure and delivery issues, so The Bank Apartments' management approached the All Purpose Pumps Service Team to help them solve it.

Identifying the Pressure Problem

After examining the existing pump system, it was determined that The Bank Apartments' pair of water supply boosters were oversized, resulting in extreme pressure fluctuations. All Purpose Pumps diagnosed that these pumps were causing costly damage to the building's Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) and would need to be replaced.

In order to achieve constant pressure delivery efficiently and avoid excessive wear to the PRV's, The All Purpose Pumps Service Team recommended a new HYBOOST Quad Booster System, including high pressure manifolds and 40bar stainless steel pipework. The new system will provide constant and consistent pressure across the full building demand spectrum - both low and high flow demand periods, using three HYFLOW Vertical Multistage Pumps, with a fourth to allow for redundancy and maintenance in place.

Installation with Minimal Disruption

As an occupied residential tower, shutting off the mains water supply to accommodate the new system's installation would cause significant disruption to The Bank Apartments' residents, so the All Purpose Pumps Service Team were allocated a 4-hour window in which water supply would be interrupted.

The new HYBOOST Quad Booster System was installed with no disruptions to the building's water supply outside of the 4-hour window provided and, in addition to reducing unnecessary wear on the building's PRVs, is now saving The Bank Apartments over $8,000 in electricity usage a year.

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