Engineered Lifting Lugs (Pump Stations & Water Pressure Systems)


Feedback and requests from safety officers and site managers on building sites has given us an insight into the focus being placed on the need for approved and certified lifting methods. At All Purpose Pumps we have recognised this as an area of concern for our customers and have placed a large amount of Research & Development into having our pump systems arrive on site with certified lifting lugs as standard for improved site safety.


Should a crane/plant operator refuses to move a system on site due to lifting certificate issues it affect the planning and time schedules of the whole job. Building and delivering equipment without the proper lifting certificates causes added complications for moving the pump system on site, hiring a lifting cage or other approved means of lifting may be required. All Purpose Pumps understands the importance of quality and reliability of a pump system, but also the necessity of a safe and easy transition once on site.


Both our Water Pressure Systems and our Sewage & Stormwater Pump Stations are now fitted with certified, engineered lifting lugs. These certificates and drawings can be provided to make sure the delivery and installation of our systems is a simple and easy process.


Our clients are now saving valuable time and resource whilst meeting Worksafe obligations when installing All Purpose Pumps systems with certified lifting lugs.

(To download our 'FRP Certificates of Design' create a free account and download it from the Sewage & Stormwater Pump Stations Downloads section) 

If you would like a copy of a specific lifting lug certificate or drawing please contact our team.