Engineered Fibreglass (FRP) Pump Stations

Engineered Fibreglass (FRP) Pump Stations


All Purpose Pumps has seen a number of polyethylene pump station pits that have buckled or collapsed due to ground pressure from water table, or the weight of the concrete backfill. These issues are key reason why we recommend structurally engineered and certified FRP pump station pits. (We also provide engineered concrete slab drawings - if you have a specific size for which you would like a drawing, please contact us.)


These problems commonly arise due to high water table levels, which cause the poly tank to invert from the external ground pressure. Our clients ask if pouring a concrete ballast around the poly pit will overcome this problem. It is important to note here that concrete does not stick to poly, as it facilitates a small gap for the water to creep between the concrete ballast and the poly pit, resulting in the same hydraulic pressure imposed onto the pit as with no concrete ballast at all.

The photos below graphically demonstrate actual scenarios (You can also read our Requested content not found.).

 Failed Polyethylene Pump Station  Failed Poly Pump Station

SOLUTIONSmall FRP Pump Station Pit

Due to these ongoing issues of non-engineered pump station pits, All Purpose Pumps seeks to help our clients better understand the importance of installing structurally engineered pits that can withstand both ground pressure and concrete backfill. Our pump station pits are engineered in accordance with AS 2634 & RTP-1 where applicable.

To download our FRP certificates of Design, create a free account and download it from the Sewage & Stormwater Pump Stations Downloads section.

 FRP Fibreglass Pump Station Testing

FRP Pump Station Certificates of Compliance Design 


All Purpose Pumps engineered FRP pump station pits give you peace of mind and allow us to confidently specify pump stations that will withstand ground pressure and weight from concrete back fill in all applications.

For more information on FRP pump station pits, please Contact our experienced team.