Engineered Cover Slabs For Pump Stations

Engineered Cover Slabs For Pump Stations


Cover slab requirements vary for each application making it essential to obtain the correct specification and design requirements.

At All Purpose Pumps our Service Team have encountered the scenario pictured below on multiple occasions. As you can see, during installation the concrete pour has collapsed the access manhole. This example demonstrates the need to ensure in-ground pits and tanks are structurally engineered to withstand the forces of backfill and groundwater pressures. For another example of pump station and pit damage caused by groundwater pressure, view our Requested content not found..


The problem in this case lies with the structural integrity of the pump station pit, not the cover slab. All Purpose Pumps will only recommend certified and structurally engineered FRP pump pits and tanks for such situations.

In this situation, there is no easy fix; the site specific challenges are:

  • The installation is in the basement of a building, restricting access.
  • The pit cannot be repaired, but will have to be removed in its entirety after the in-pit components (pumps, pipework, sensors, etc.) have been extracted.
  • The removal of the failed pit, including having the slab cut out, the pit removed, re-excavation and the installation of an appropriate FRP pit, will carry a substantial cost.
  • The pumps and associated components will need to be checked before re-installation as there is a risk of damage from the concrete which entered the pit.


The solution is to install a suitable certified and engineered FRP pump station. All Purpose pumps also provide cover slab engineering drawings for each specific pump station, an example of which can be seen below.

An engineered Pump Station Cover Slab Design Sheet


At All Purpose Pumps, Excellence, Responsibility, Integrity and Knowledge (ERIK) are our core values (APP - Corporate Values). We understand that buildings are expected to last for many decades and we therefore have a Responsibility to ensure our systems are equally fit for purpose.

With certified and engineered pump station pits and cover slab designs, industry leading pumps and controls, and the right advice, All Purpose Pumps deliver the best pump station solutions in Australia.

(To download our FRP certificates of Design create a free account and download it from the Sewage & Stormwater Pump Stations Downloads section)


FRP Pump Station Engineered Certificates

If you would like a copy of a specific concrete slab design please contact our team