Dual Fire Pump System - Melbourne's Westgate Bridge

Dual Fire Pump System - Melbourne's Westgate Bridge

Dual Diesel & Electric Fire Pump System upgrade for the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne.


One of the emergency fire pump systems along the Westgate Bridge had suffered a failure due to the system being severely out of date (Approximately 40 Years old). The system required a complete overhaul including all major pipework and a new concrete Plinth.


The existing pump house was quite compact with a very small access door making the removal of the existing system a challenge and also requiring some creative design work to enable the installation of the new Dual Diesel and Electric Fire Pump system.

As this Fire Protection system is a key asset and is connected to the core Ring Main of the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne the Fire Protection system had to have very high duties and be very reliable.  The system also required additional safety features such as shutting down the electric motor once the system pressure had been restored.  Also due to the nature of the Fire Protection system there was a very tight dead line with minimum system down time.

As the Pump House is located next to a very busy cycling path, pedestrian safety was also a key concern.


All Purpose Pumps designed a new state of the art Dual Diesel and Electric Fire Pump system to comply to the current AS 2941- 2013 fire code, complete with additional system outputs and safety features to enable precise system monitoring by the Westgate Bridge Team and to enhance the longevity of this critical asset.  The new fire pump system was built and tested at our on site facility in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne, before being transported to site and installed.  It was then commissioned on site to ensure it was meeting its design specifications.


The old system was removed, a new plinth poured and the new system installed within the required time frame.

The new Fire Pump System now conforms to the current AS 2941 - 2013 code as well as enhanced performance, reliability, efficiency and serviceability. Helping the Westgate Bridge improve their safety obligations to its users and to the nation.

Big thank you to all who helped provide another Precision Engineered Solution.