All Purpose Pumps & The VEMTC - Specifications

All Purpose Pumps & The VEMTC - Specifications

Welcome to the first of a new series of monthly posts looking closely at some of the larger, and more interesting, projects All Purpose Pumps has been involved with. Over the next few months, we will be looking closely at the Specification, the Solution and the Implementation of each project.


In 2012, All Purpose Pumps were contracted to assist in the initial planning and design of a multi-million dollar training facility for the Victorian Emergency Services, to be built in Craigieburn.

Once completed, the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre (VEMTC) would provide classrooms and practical training facilities to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), Country Fire Authority (CFA), Victorian Police, Ambulance Victoria, State Emergency Services (SES), the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, and a number of other agencies.

The facility was to provide emergency response personnel with access to a variety of simulated real-world scenarios for training and development purposes.

This design called for 12 training props with a total of 43 fire points, 5,800 square meters of office and classroom space, and a recycling capacity of up to 150 megalitres of water per year.

In addition, the facility required the ability to significantly adapt both the water supply's flow and pressure easily and automatically. All Purpose Pumps was asked to design a pumping system which would provide this capacity.


The VEMTC's pumping system design requirements presented a number of unique challenges.

Most prominently, the design would need to enable control of the pressure at variable flow demands to simulate a variety of possible water supply scenarios, including drawing water from a dam where a water line is not available.

To model these scenarios as accurately as possible, All Purpose Pumps' design would need to be able to deliver flows from 5lps to 200lps and pressures between 200 and 1000kpa.

Appropriate systems to allow for the collection of all water used, as part of a complementary treatment and reuse system to limit water wastage on site, were also required in the design of the pumping system, adding another layer of complication.


The pumping system All Purpose Pumps designed would need to ensure reliable delivery of water across a spectrum of flow and pressure levels, and was essential for the delivery of vast quantities of water captured for reuse each year.

Next month, we will examine the design used to meet the challenging requirements of the VEMTC facility, from the remote control and monitoring facilities to its 16 pumps.

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