All Purpose Pumps & The VEMTC - Implementation

Over the last two months, we have looked at the Specifications and Design of the water pressure system All Purpose Pumps built for the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre (VEMTC) in conjunction with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB).

This month, in the final post looking at the VEMTC, we will focus on how our pump system is used, as part of the facility's complete infrastructure, to provide training to thousands of MFB, CFA, SES, Ambulance Victoria and Victorian Police personnel each year.

High Demand Facilities

When the facility was opened in 2014, the VEMTC was intended to operate 5 days a week. However, due to increased demand due to the closure of the CFA's Fiskville training facilities, the VEMTC has been operating 7 days a week, with only 2 weeks a year closure, delivering the 18 week MFB training courses, the 17 week CFA training courses and a variety of ongoing professional development and refresher training courses for a number of Victoria's emergency response agencies. On average, the VEMTC hosts 160-180 daily users.

It's easy to see why the VEMTC is under such high demand. The facility took 3.5 years to design and 1.5 years to build, including 12 training props designed to simulate an array of common emergency call-out situations, including:

  • Public transport fires including trams and city loop trains
  • Traffic accidents, including a replica of the Burnley tunnel
  • Search and Rescue in collapsed and partially collapsed buildings
  • Petrochemical refinery fires and chemical spills
  • Ship fires, both at sea and while docked

The state of the art training facilities provide realistic training for extremely dangerous situations, but include significant safety measures to prevent training accidents. Each training prop includes emergency shut down capabilities which will clear any contained smoke and heat within 40 seconds of activation, ensuring minimal risk to trainees and their trainers while in use.

Environmentally Conscious Design

With such a high demand for water use, an important consideration in the design of the VEMTC was the minimisation of wastage. The pump system provided by All Purpose Pumps was designed not only as a water delivery system, but as part of a comprehensive recycling infrastructure with the capacity to capture, treat and re-use up to 150 megalitres a year.

All water used by the facility, with the exception of water exposed to the foam chemicals used to fight chemical spills and petrochemical fires, is captured and treated to a standard equivalent to potable water before being recycled back into the VEMTC's reservoir.

This ensures that, even though the facility is capable of emptying out its 1.6 million litres of water storage through training and facility usage and switching to mains supply, the VEMTC's primary source of water loss is evaporation.

Food Enough for an Army

Of course, the custom-built All Purpose Pumps water supply system is not the only system involved in the operation of a facility as large and complex as the VEMTC. The main training building of the VEMTC includes a number of offices, training rooms, changerooms, showers and toilets.

The main building also includes a 120-seat mess hall where two meal sittings a day are served to the recruits, trainers and other on-site staff. All of the waste water generated in the preparation of the meals, wash down and clean-up is discharged via a HYLIFT Undersink Sullage Unit. This unit receives and discharges the waste effluent flows - which contain grease, cleaning agents and food scraps - reliably and effectively, keeping the busy kitchen operating at full capacity.

All Purpose Pumps & the MFB

Since All Purpose Pumps were first approached to provide the custom water supply system in 2012, we have worked closely with the MFB on a number of smaller systems and ongoing technical support and preventative maintenance for the VEMTC.

If you would like to know how All Purpose Pumps can provide support and expert advice for your project, from inception and design through to system delivery and ongoing support, talk to our Sales Team by filling out a Contact Form or calling (03) 8368 0000