All Purpose Pumps & the VEMTC – Design

All Purpose Pumps & the VEMTC - Design

In 2012, All Purpose Pumps were contracted to assist in the design of the water supply systems for a new training facility for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) to be built in Craigieburn, Victoria.

Last month, we looked at the specifications and unique challenges of the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre (VEMTC) and this month we will look at how the final pump system was designed - an innovative solution for a unique project.

An Adaptable Training Facility

The All Purpose Pumps Engineering Team worked with the MFB to design a pump system capable of creating the desired training scenarios according to the MFB's specifications, including the capacity to modify the flow rate and pressure of the water supply.

This pump system would be one of a wide range of pumps and systems required for the complete facility, including: sewage removal, training water collection and transfer, rainwater collection and re-use, and pressure supply pumps providing recycled water to the fire hydrants and other fire services.

While designing the facility's pump station, All Purpose Pumps and the MFB paid particular attention to minimising the facility's environmental impact. A site-wide water management system would be installed to capture, treat and re-use rainwater and water used within the facility's training environments.

Water efficient fittings and fixtures were specified for the site and waste water from showers and basins was to be re-used for toilet flushing and irrigation.

When operating optimally, the facility would have the capacity to recycle up to 150 megalitres of water each year. All Purpose Pumps also worked to ensure the designed system would provide the most energy efficient solution to the MFB's specifications.

A Unique Pump System for a Unique Requirement

The FTS pump system designed by the All Purpose Pumps Engineering Team was installed in two banks of parallel connected pumps to be coupled in series. This would allow for the system to meet the MFB's specified requirements of providing water flows between 5-200lps and water pressures between 200-1,000kpa.

4 Grundfos CRI32-4 7.5kW jockey pumps and 12 Grundfos CRI120-3 30kW main pumps were installed, each pump controlled by a variable speed drive to guarantee successful water delivery over their full operating range.

The system's main control unit incorporated an easy to use, full colour graphic interface which allowed for simple scenario setup at the control unit or from an on-site control room via a remote Modbus protocol Ethernet connection.

The easy to read interface also displayed pump speeds, running times, low and high pressure alarms, and allowed for logging of up to 100 fault events to provide maintenance and repair technicians with access to all the information they would need to service the system.

By working closely with the MFB, the All Purpose Pumps Engineering Team were able to successfully design a water supply solution which would effectively mimic a wide variety of scenarios faced by emergency service personnel. This will help the VEMTC provide quality training for years to come while also minimising the facility's environmental impact.

Next Month, we will conclude our series on the VEMTC by discussing the performance and after care needs of the completed facility.

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