All Purpose Pumps Supports MAYSAR Upgrade Project

All Purpose Pumps Supports MAYSAR Upgrade Project

MAYSAR represents the rejuvenation of an entity that has been a recognised, successful and vital component of the Indigenous community in Fitzroy since the 1980's. MAYSAR was formerly the Fitzroy Stars Aboriginal Community Youth Club Gymnasium Inc. (FSACYCGI), an Aboriginal controlled and managed organisation formed by the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service. The gym is one of the more famous boxing training gyms in Australia, steeped in history and cultural significance. It was the training base of World Champion Lionel Rose and a host of other fighters and trainers.

Recently the MAYSAR building has been closed due to building issues including gas, water and sewerage problems.

All Purpose Pumps along with Cooke & Dowsett and help from the IPSF and Raw Recruitment spent Wednesday 12th November 2014 on site improving and / or replacing most of the systems within the building. At All Purpose pumps we provided two brand new HYFLOW sewage grinder pumps, HYFLOW float switches, pipework, fittings and a new dual pump controller. With an old and extremely out of date basement pump station the job was not a quick and simple replacement, the building had been running purely on a basement sump pump for the past 18 months bypassing the pump station due to two old and broken pumps.

With the installation of the new HYFLOW pumps and float system as well as the controller the MAYSAR building now has an extremely reliable sewage pumping system that is able to handle the capacity of the building.

All Purpose Pumps was happy to offer a sewage pump solution to the MAYSAR building to help the centre get one step closer to re-opening its doors for the local Fitzroy community.

View pictures from the day and the Pump Station installation below