All Purpose Pumps Preserving History at Dights Falls

Heritage Turbines Damaged by Flood Waters and Debris

Located in Abbotsford, Victoria, Dights Falls is a heritage listed area holding great historical significance as one of the preferred camping grounds of the Yallock Bullock Clan of the Woi Wurrung people. A location marker near the falls commemorates "the first white men to discover the River Yarra reaching Yarra Falls on 8th February, 1803."

After a failing pump, heavy rainfall and flooding on the Yarra River, the All Purpose Pumps Service Team were called out to assist in the preservation of the site's historic, original, turbines. Any solution would be required to both control water levels to prevent further damage to the site and preserve the aesthetics of the protected areas.

Working to Preserve a Historical Site

Given the historical significance of Dight Falls, which is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, it was important that any work carried out by the All Purpose Pumps Service Team caused minimal impact to the site and that strict preservation guidelines were followed.

The site's original heavy timber flooring was to be retained and no modern pumps or pipework were able to be exposed, as they would detract from the aesthetic of the area. Additionally, a large amount of debris, accumulated over decades, would need to be removed before any work could be carried out.

Focus on Reliability and Durability

To minimise further maintenance and repair works and reduce the impact on the Heritage Listed Dight Falls site, the All Purpose Pumps Service Team recommended a Dual Submersible Pump System using a pair of HYFLOW Heavy Duty Vortex Pumps.

With a large solids capacity and a reputation for reliability, HYFLOW Heavy Duty Vortex Pumps are an ideal choice for dealing with large amounts of debris, such as the run off from the Yarra River when it floods. Their durable construction and triplex seal system ensure essential components remain protected against external pressures and damage.

The All Purpose Pumps Service Team provides a variety of maintenance services, including pump servicing, repair and cleaning, remote monitoring and emergency response, including after hours and during holiday periods.

For more information on the maintenance and repair services available from the All Purpose Pumps Service Team, visit our Service Team page, call (03) 8368 0000 or Request a Service.